CRT to LCD upgrade

Lower maintenance costs, more functionality


The CMA-6800 LCD display is a form, fit and function replacement upgrade solution for the Honeywell ED-800 CRT units on selected regional, corporate and helicopter aircraft. These include: ATR 42/72 series 200/300/500, Bombardier Aerospace Dash8 Series 100/200/300, Fokker 50, Jetstream 41, Hawker 800/1000, Challenger 601, CL-415, Cessna 650, Falcon 900, Gulfstream III and Sikorky S-76A/B/C.

CMC’s innovative CRT to LCD display upgrade is designed to drive down maintenance costs compared to keeping the legacy CRT displays, and eliminates obsolescence threat associated with old CRT technology.

CMC’s LCD display replicates the functionality of the CRT and offers significant improvements in reliability. A quick conversion is achieved by keeping the existing aircraft harnesses, ensuring minimum downtime required for upgrade and minimum disruption to aircraft operations. The design also has hardware built-in provisions to add functional capabilities to the display not possible with the legacy CRT. The unit retains the use of existing symbol generators and control panels and no retraining is required. CMC’s LCD display delivers reduced weight and power consumption compared to the replaced CRT to improve your operating costs.

The CMC CRT to LCD upgrade solution is the most cost-effective alternative for replacing CRT on your aircraft compared to a more extensive and expensive full cockpit upgrade, and still meet operational requirements.

CMA-6800 Display

CMA-6800 Display

CMA-6800 Display - The LCD Solution to Replace Aging CRT Displays


CMA-6800 Display Brochure

CMA-6800 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) CMA-6800 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)


ED-800 part number Description CMA-6800  part number for replacement
7003110-XX1 Display, gray bezel 100-604045-001
7003110-XX2 Display, black bezel 100-604045-002
7005400-XX1 EADI Inclinometer Kit, for bezel gray 241-601240-001
7005400-XX2 EADI Inclinometer Kit, for bezel black 241-601240-002


Upgrade Solutions for

ATR-42/72 Dash-8 100/200/300 Challenger 601 Hawker 800