Flight and Displays Management System

CMA-9000 Flight Management System

CMA-9000 FMS

CMA-9000 FMS

  • Full fledged Flight Management function in a single cockpit unit with civil certified multi-sensor (GPS, INS, DME, EGI, Doppler) navigation capabilities.
  • Optional FMS-resident AOC (ARINC 702A FMS-loadable messages) and ATS (ADS and CPDLC) datalink applications.
  • Optional comprehensive Radio Management functions in a single cockpit unit.
  • Optional helicopter specific tactical features including bi-directional DMAP interface.

The CMA-9000 is a compact flight management system well suited for modern digital cockpits in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. It is intended for civil and military transport as well as helicopter FMS applications. It is the next generation FMS derived from the successful CMA-900 FMS/GPS and the CMA-3000 helicopter FMS. The CMA-9000 conforms to the ARINC-739 MCDU standard making suitable as display and control unit for other systems such as ACARS, ACMS, SATCOM. Moreover, it has the capability to act as Radio Management Unit.

Key Features

  • Sunlight readable color AMLCD
  • ARINC 424 legs with SIDS, STARS and GPS Approaches
  • RNP-1 (TGL-10 PRNAV) compliant with growth to RNP-RNAV
  • Barometric VNAV Approach
  • Optional vertical navigation for all phases of flight with limited performance trajectory prediction
  • Triple synchronized operation
  • FANS-1/A compatible datalink option (AOC, ADS and CPDLC)
  • Comprehensive I/O for retrofit and new build installation
  • Interfaces to navigation radios and sensors, communications radios, digital moving map displays and other equipment

CMA-4000 Flight and Displays Management System

CMA-4000 Flight and Displays Management System

CMA-4000 FMS

  • A re-configurable, open architecture CDU/FMS, Mission Computer and Displays Management System, at a small weight and size.
  • Ultimate platform for RTCA/DO-178B software applications.
  • Extensive navigation, communications, database, mission and display software. Plus multi-processor support for independent or customer designed software applications.
  • In addition to operating as a FMS/CDU, has the option of driving up to two external MFDs.


  • Centralized Radio Management
  • Digital Map Generation for MFDs (optional)
  • Terrain Awareness and Warning (optional)
  • Symbol Generation for MFDs (optional)
  • Video Formatting and Switching (optional)

The CMA-4000 is a Flight and Displays Management System backed by CMC Electronics' features-rich portfolio of navigation, communications, database, mission and display software. The CMA-4000 employs an open-system architecture for protection against obsolescence and features extensive processing, memory and bus interface capabilities for growth. In addition to operating as a traditional FMS/CDU, it can optionally drive up to 2 external MFDs, providing extensive graphics capability and an integrated management of the CDU/MFD man-made machine interface. For added flexibility, the CMA-4000 also offers multi-processor support for the development of independent or customer designed software applications.

The CMA-4000 incorporates built-in flexibility by providing a wide array of standard bus, analog and discrete interfaces and a total of 284 pins at the rear connector. The maximum size of the 640x480 color display is 5"x 4", and is both sunlight readable and NVG compatible. It uses LED backlighting for greater reliability. It also accommodates keypanels of various sizes and designs to suit customer needs.

The basic configuration consists of one processor card with PMC, one graphics carrier card (optional graphic PMC), one I/O Assembly, and two spare cPCI card slots. When the optional graphics PMC is installed, the CMA-4000 can accommodate 2 video composite/S-video inputs and provides 2 RGB video outputs to drive multifunction displays. Its graphics engine rotates and scales video and superimposes graphics for display on MFDs in either portrait or landscape mode.

CMA-2082M Flight Management System

CMA-2082M Flight Management System


  • Combined CDU/FMS box saves weight and space.
  • Large, user friendly 3" x 5" display area with fixed header. Full alpha-numeric key panel for ease of use.
  • Abundant interfaces and spare card slots provide for ease of integration. Supports military environmental and EMI/EMC qualifications.
  • Suitable for harshest environments.
  • Selection on the US Army UH-60M establishes a large installation base and US military logistics support.

Selected on the UH-60M as part of the US Army’s plan to recapitalize its UH-60A/L fleet, the CMA-2082M Flight Management System is an intelligent, self-contained multifunction control and display unit that integrates and provides centralized control of navigation sensors and radios, communications radios, displays, mission avionics and aircraft systems. Based upon the CMA-2082A and its large 3” by 5” display, the CMA-2082M offers increased processing through a PowerPC processor, an Ethernet interface and an expanded, full alpha-numeric keyboard.