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CMC Electronics has achieved many “firsts” and seen lots of change in aviation over the decades. But one thing has always remained the same. We continue to be driven by the same creative spirit as our founder, Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the radiotelegraph.


Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada is incorporated.


First factory is opened in Montreal.


Marconi wireless station receives S.S. Titanic’s distress signal.


Canada’s first experimental commercial broadcasting station is established by Marconi in Montreal.


First Marconi home radio receivers appear in Canada.


Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada changes its name to the Canadian Marconi Company.


The Canadian radio network is created by the Canadian Marconi Company. It will later become the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).


Canadian Marconi Company begins designing and manufacturing TV receivers.


The English Electric Company Limited of the U.K. acquires 50.6% of the Canadian Marconi Company.


The Canadian Marconi Company becomes the first Canadian company to design a complete microwave radio relay system, the Mid-Canada Defense Line.


The Canadian Marconi Company is the first in the world to develop FM-CW Doppler radar, revolutionizing GPS-denied and autonomous air navigation.

1960s – 1970s

The Canadian Marconi Company shifts its focus to aircraft navigation, monitoring and display systems, tactical radio communications, radar systems, and multi-processor telex switching systems.

1980s – 1990s

  • The Canadian Marconi Company enters the high-end aviation, communications, infrared sensing, marine electronics and positioning markets. 
  • Here begins the company’s successful track record as an avionics supplier and systems integrator.


The Canadian Marconi Company changes its name to CMC Electronics Inc. to reflect its focus on avionics, while still honoring its rich history as an innovator.


  • CMC Electronics acquires head-up display (HUD) maker Flight Visions of Sugar Grove, Illinois. 
  • It also launches its enhanced vision system sensor, significantly improving situational awareness not only during take-off, approach and landing, but also during ground maneuvering. 


CMC Electronics launches:

  • HeliHawk® Head-Up Display
  • KAI XKT-1C cockpit prototype


CMC Electronics launches:

  • PilotView® Electronic Flight Bag
  • CMA-9000 Flight Management System
  • T-6B trainer demonstrator aircraft with CMC cockpit avionics


CMC Electronics launches:

  • Electro-optic hybrids
  • IntegriFlight™ CMA-5024 GPS WAAS Sensor
  • M-311 demonstrator aircraft with CMC cockpit avionics


  • CMC Electronics launches:
    • CMA-4000 Flight Management System
    • Panel switch technology
  • Hawker Beechcraft chooses CMC as avionics provider for the production of its T-6B trainer, featuring a fully integrated avionics suite that provided a glass cockpit representative of advanced frontline fighters.


CMC Electronics is acquired by Esterline, which designs, manufactures, and markets specialty products primarily for aerospace and defense customers.


CMC Electronics launches:

  • TacView® Portable Mission Display
  • PilotView® Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with a 10.4″ Display


CMC Electronics launches:

  • PilotView® EFB 12.1″ Display, an electronic flight bag that increases situational awareness in-flight with approach charts, moving maps, enhanced vision systems (EVS) display, and graphical real-time weather information.
  • Aircraft Information Server product line to address the ever-increasing data sharing requirements associated with cockpit, cabin, and aircraft maintenance systems.


CMC launches its integrated helicopter cockpit solution.


Esterline is acquired by Transdigm, a leading global producer, designer, and supplier of engineered aerospace components, systems, and subsystems.


CMC’s PU-3000 multicore avionics computer and MFD-3068 smart multi-function display receive the world’s first multicore civil certification.