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Military Flight Management Systems

Flight management system (FMS) deployed on a large number of fixed and rotary wing military platforms across the globe.
Military fixed wing aircraft and special mission helicopters have relied on CMC’s FMS for over 30 years. Many of the features and capabilities have been developed hand-in-hand with leading helicopter manufacturers to reduce pilot workload at critical moments and to meet the demanding requirements of large military operators.

  • Optimized for size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).
  • Constantly evolving to align with emerging military standards for MOSA and FACE.
  • Ever-improving civil navigation capabilities ensure that military aircraft can also fly preferred routes through civil airspace.
  • Able to interface with a wide variety of third-party navigation sensors and radios.
  • Highly versatile for a wide variety of mission applications.
  • Engineered with industry-leading technologies to increase operational effectiveness and reduce workload.
  • Comprehensive memory and I/O interfaces allow for easy integration and long-term growth capacity.
  • Packaged in a single, lightweight box that’s easy to install.