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Software Flight Management System (SW FMS)

Ready to field today, CMC’s new open architecture software for flight management systems is adaptable to a wide range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, making it a versatile solution for both civil and military markets. Working closely with customers, CMC can also tailor its solution to run on nearly any hardware to ensure increased aircraft efficiency and enhanced mission success.

  • Easily integrates with MOSA and FACE architectures.
  • Can be hosted on third-party equipment.
  • Combines civil-certifiable flight management features with specialized tactical functions.
  • Brings RNP/RNAV certification to military platforms.
  • Complies with the latest civil standards to enable aircraft to fly in civil airspace.
  • Can serve as a standalone navigation solution for cockpit architectures where SWaP-C is critical.
  • Reduces operating costs by allowing aircraft to fly precise routings and by minimizing missed approaches.
  • Leverages more than 30 years of experience and proven in-service history.