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Custom Displays and Control Panels

CMC displays and control panels are based on an extensive range of proven and mature avionics-grade optical, mechanical, and processing building blocks, allowing for greater customization levels to meet unique customer requirements. As a one-stop shop, we can be a dependable and cost-effective partner for the entire product life-cycle, including product support.

  • Display unit certifiable up to DAL-A.
  • Display technology expertise at the optical, system, electronics and mechanical engineering levels.
  • Entirely manufactured at CMC according to well-established processes, guaranteeing greater robustness, reliability, and long-term availability to optimize total cost of ownership. 
  • In-house advanced display manufacturing capabilities, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly Class 3, automated dry lamination process and facilities, robotic painting, highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) testing.
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