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Displays and Control Panels

CMC’s displays are built on an extensive range of field-proven optical, mechanical, and processing building blocks ready to be customized into solutions that meet the most demanding display requirements.

Multi-function Displays

Open-architecture SMFDs offering high-performance multicore processing capability for both retrofit and line-fit markets across the fixed-rotary wing platform spectrum.

Custom Displays and Control Panels

Custom displays and control panels offering cost-effectiveness, reliability, and enhanced situational awareness, all in a compact and lightweight solution.

Portable Mission Displays

Compact, self-contained mission computer and smart display system designed to enhance situational awareness for military, paramilitary, law enforcement, and civil aircrews.

Head-up Displays (HUD)

Lightweight HUDs recognized for their state-of-the-art digital light engine offering superior reliability, exceptional total field of view (TFOV) per unit weight/volume/price, and unparalleled raster performance.