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GNSS Receivers

CMC is globally renowned as an industry-leading GNSS supplier. Our products are recognized for their extremely high fielded mean time between failures. CMC’s GNSS were the first receivers to offer SBAS GPS landing (LPV) and GBAS capabilities within the air transport segment, opening the way to a more accurate and simpler approach.

  • Average of 221 years of continuous operation before failure for fixed wing.
  • Average of 94 years of continuous operation before failure for rotary wing.
  • CAT 1 LRN, LPV (CAT 2-equivalent), and GBAS approach capabilities in a self-contained, easy-to-install unit.
  • Narrow correlator technology for unmatched performance.
  • Have Quick to synchronize military radios.
  • Embedded VHF transceiver for GBAS support.
  • GPS hover-hold capability.
  • Meets ADS-B mandate and/or adds CAT-1 GPS landing capabilities to aircraft, thereby reducing costs, downtime, and disruption to operators.