Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-4000 Flight and Displays Management System

How is the CMA-4000 different from other FMS/CDUs on the market?

The CMA-4000 uses the 500 MHz PowerPC G4 module and the cPCI open architecture. It has the largest active display area and uses LED backlighting. It provides more interfaces, including ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553B, 10/100Base Ethernet and USB. It is price and size competitive, and designed to drive dumb MFDs and essentially replace mission computers.

Can the CMA-4000 be used in both commercial and military aircraft?

The CMA-4000 is designed to meet military software and hardware design standards. However, if the military aircraft needs to meet civil certification standards, the CMA-4000 can be adapted to meet RTCA/DO-178B and RTCA/DO-254 requirements.

Can the CMA-4000 accommodate more than one processor?

The CMA-4000 backplane has been designed to accommodate a second PowerPC in one of two spare cPCI card slots.

Can the CMA-4000 drive a digital moving map display in addition to a number of other external displays?

With the addition of a mass memory card in one of the two spare cPCI card slots, the CMA-4000 has both the memory capacity and the processing power to drive digital moving maps.

How many external displays can be driven in total?

A total of 4 MFDs can be accommodated in dual CMA-4000 installations, more if the backplane is modified to trade off other interfaces for video outputs.

What is the recourse if my application requires additional interfaces, either in type or number, over and above what is provided by the CMA-4000?

Unique interfaces can be designed on a new card that can be plugged into one of the spare cPCI card slots. More graphics outputs, ARINC-429 interfaces or/and RS-422 interfaces can be provided by duplicating the Graphics Carrier Assembly and plugging it into a spare card slot. Additional Ethernet or MIL-STD-1553B interfaces can provided by plugging a System Carrier Assembly minus the PMC into a spare card slot. Some modifications may involve redesign of the Backplane card.