Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CMA-9000 civil certified?

Yes. It conforms to TSO-C129 A1, TSO-C115 and TSO-C113.

What interface capabilities does it have?

The CMA-9000 has 16 ARINC 429 inputs, 8 outputs, 16 I/O discretes. The CMA-9000 has also an optional analog card, optional MIL STD 1553 bus designed to fit specific aircraft requirements.

Can CMC customize the hardware and software to my specific application?

Yes. The unit has spare slots where customized analog or digital interfaces can be added. CMC continually adds new software features to meet specific customer needs. Contact CMC for details.

What benefits does the CMA-9000 have over your other FMS products?

Single unit (lower weight, higher reliability) that includes FMS, MCDU, RMS and ATS datalink functionality. The same unit addresses both civil and military applications.

Is the CMA-9000 sunlight readable as well as NVG compatible?

Yes. The NVG filter does not affect the visible light spectrum. It only affects light in the IR spectrum.