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New Silicon APD Receiver for Improved Laser Sensing Applications

The new series of high-response 1064-nm silicon avalanche photodiode (APD) preamplifier modules from CMC Electronics are designed to improve laser applications. These avalanche photodiode receivers boast a high signal to noise ratio and are best in their class in terms of capability to provide accurate and consistent readings under challenging conditions. Both receivers are ideal for ultra-low light signals and can detect longer distances faster, more accurately and consistently than similar products in their category. Customers benefit from fast overload recovery that minimizes receiver damage and usage interruption from high laser burst.

CMC’s ROHS-compliant APD receiver module stands out from the competition with an impressive minimum of 1000kV/W responsivity. Its high-density microcircuit combined with advanced optoelectronics, nanosecond recovery from laser bursts without damage enables the receiver to detect low optical signal powers in femtowatt range at high temperatures. The compact design further minimizes parasitic noise. It is well suited for laser rangefinder, airborne and atmospheric LiDAR applications reliably detecting wavelengths at 1064 nm.

Fast, accurate and practical all rolled into one APD receiver

This high-sensitivity receiver series has two options:  with or without built-in thermoelectric cooler for ease of operation and control.  As with all CMC’s microelectronics products, this APD receiver is customizable to the customer’s specific needs.  Learn more about this product here.