With nearly 50 years of experience in microelectronics, CMC designs, manufactures, and qualifies complex hybrid microcircuits and optoelectronic devices for a large array of aerospace applications around the world.

Our respected and experienced engineering team works hand-in-hand with customers to fully understand their needs and priorities. This approach results in reliable and robust designs that meet even the most demanding customer specifications.

Optical Detectors and Receivers

Small form factor avalanche photodiode (APD) and quadrant receivers in robust hermetic packages to detect low optical signals faster and reach longer distances.

Custom optoelectronic assemblies incorporating transmitter, receiver, optical interface and signal processing to enable easier and faster system designs.

  • Includes dual wavelengths, allowing both tactical and training operations in demanding and rugged applications.
  • Simplifies system design and lowers operating costs for end users.
  • Operates at a wider range of temperatures and withstands high laser power without damage.

Read our Technical Paper on Designing, testing and validating a COTS pigtailed analog output InGaAs APD receiver for rugged defense applications

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